Merchant Mariner Credential

palm treeCaptain Robert K. Henkel

I can also drive boats power or sail up to 100 Gross Tons.

Capacity – Master Of Steam, Motor or Auxiliary Sail Vessels Of Not More Than 100 Gross Registered Tons (Domestic Tonnage ) Upon Near Coastal Waters. For domestic voyages only, the holder of this credental meets the STCW 1995 regulations without further endorsement.  Authorized to engage in Commercial Assistance Towing.

USCG 100 Ton Master Near Coastal With Sail and Tow Endorsements



• 200 Ton Masters
• Towing Endorsement
• Radar Endorsement
• CPR and First Aid
• S.T.C.W.
• FCC License with M.R.O.P.

Born August 3, 1962, in good shape and Licensed to Captain any boat: Power, sail and tow under 100 tons. Very flexible on time, place and thinking. I am a Certified scuba diver, I have a Scientific and Business background, Non-Smoker, Minimum Drinker, No Drugs (possibly Excedrin, when sinking). Healthy, adventurous, have a positive attitude, and willing to share in all the aspects of boating. I am very familiar with yacht electronics, equipment and engines. I am clean cut and easy going. I am reliable, responsible and respectful of others and their possessions. I have traveled and worked internationally in Europe and Asia. I have Captain on boats with all ages of guest. Working knowledge of Marine electronic and most all Marine systems for boats under 100 feet including Electrical repair and installation, Very computer literate, Computer installation and repair, diesel repair and mechanical work. Positive and professional attitude at all times. Good cook, fisherman and versatile deckhand. Outward Bound training. Good companion for the extended voyage domestically or to foreign ports with many sea stories. Very good with charts and navigation. I am not prone to seasickness and I take no medication. I do not suffer from any disability.

Navigated waters: My boating/sailing experience includes the Great Lakes, Florida including the Florida Keys and Dry Tortuga’s, Gulf of Mexico, Windward and Leeward Caribbean, Costa Rica’s Pacific cost and many trips to Cuba and the Bahamas.




 U.S. MERCHANT MARINE OFFICER SERIAL NUMBER:2699940 Expiration Date: August 28, 2014 Master of steam, motor or auxiliary sail vessels of not more than 100 gross registered tons (Domestic tonnage) upon near coastal waters; Also, Authorized to engage in Commercial Assistance Towing.


MASTER OF STEAM/MOTOR up to 100 Gross Tons.


CAPTAIN 6-PACK License Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV).

COMMERCIAL ASSISTANCE TOWNING In order to assist a vessel that is having a problem (out of fuel, aground, engine malfunction, etc.) and charge them for assistance, you must have your license endorsed for “Commercial Assistance Towing“.

KEYS CONSORTIUM Active member of the Keys Consortium. An Alcohol and Controlled substance Consortium in Compliance with 49CFR Part 40 and 46 CFR part 16 Regulations. Expiration Date: December 2007, yearly renewal.

Primary & Secondary Care CPR/First Aid EMERGENCY first response

Marine insurance claims: “None”

VESSEL EXPERIENCE – Delivery and Freelance

Boat Delivery

Professional yacht deliveries and Freelance work for a variety of Sailing and Power boats from the United States to the Caribbean and back.



Dates Description of Boat Type of waters Served as Horsepower

Name of Vessel – Location of sail – Notes


12/04 Morgan 33 Coastal/Ocean Captain 50 HP

To 7/2007 Florida National High Adventure Sea Base


04/99 Island Packet 31’ Coastal/Ocean Captain/Owner 27 HP

to 05/07 Duchess Key West, Fl.


11/01 Wind Dragon 51’ Formoasa Coastal/Ocean Captain 110 HP

to 10/06


11/04 Aurora, Island Packet 37’ Coastal/Ocean Crew 38 HP

to 12/04 West Palm, Fl to Marathon , fl Via Bahamas


08/31/01 38 Catamaran Coastal Captain 27 HP X 2

to 09/03/01 Fort Lauderdale, Fl to Cudjoe Key, Fl.


06/97 Jeanneau 52.5′ Coastal Captain 50 HP

to 07/97 Open House – BVI Charter of 7 people


10/95 Square Rigger 1 1 O Ocean Crew 2X220+HP

to 10/95 Bounty – Key West, Fl. to Tampa, Fl. Mutiny On The Bounty Ship.


10/95 Hunter 42′ Coastal/Ocean Captain 62 hp

to 10/95 Girl Friend – Key West, Fl. to Dry Tortugas and back. Florida Yacht Chatters – 305.532.8600


07/01/95 Jeanneau 27′ Great Lakes Captain 20 hp

to 07/04/95 Port Clinton Yacht Charters 419.734.6207


03/95 Push boat 30′ Coastal Crew N/A

to 03/95 Outward Bound School – Successfully Completed The Florida Sea Program #HFS08-


06/93 Hunter 35′ Coastal Captain 28 hp

Key West, Fl. and around the Florida Keys Florida Yachts – 305.532.8600


10/92 Tayana 42′ Coastal Crew 85 hp

Miami, Florida to Dry Tortugas and back. Florida Yacht Chatters – 305.532.8600


06/91 Hunter 35′ Coastal Captain 28 hp

Miami Beach, Florida around the Keys to Key West, Fl back to Miami


08/90 Hunter 25′ Coastal Captain 10 hp

Sailed around the Florida Keys training Boy Scouts to Sail


07/90 Catalina 27′ Great Lakes Captain 18 hp

to 07/90 Lake Erie Port Clinton Yacht Charters – 419.734.6207


05/90 Beneteau 432 Ocean Crew/Captain 40 hp

Moorings Yacht Charters – 813.535.1446


1988 San Juan 21′ Great Lakes Captain/Owner 8 hp

to 1992 Owner of a San Juan 2I’ lots of lake sailing and Lake Erie


I have also logged many other days on all types of power boats from small jet boats to larger boats (40+’). Many deliveries of small and larger boats.


Dates Description of Boat Type of waters Served as Gross tonnage Horsepower

Name of Vessel – Location of sail – Notes


07/2007 Torres 43′ Relentless, Coastal/Ocean Captain/Owner 500 HP

Charter boat -fishing Multi-day overnight fishing charters


11/2006 Nortic Tug 26,

Charter boat: Fishing and Key west tours Captain/Owner 100 HP


12/2004 Dusky 25′ Coastal Captain 250HP

to 07/2007 Florida Sea Base – Boy Scouts of America Day fishing for the Boy Scouts Many

Florida National High Adventure Sea Base,

Web Page::


03/2005 Torres 43′ Coastal Captain 300 HP+

to 2007 Andy Griffiths Charters – Multi-day overnight Fishing charters to Dry Tortugas and Marquesas Keys

Web Page:


06/01/98 Wellcraft 19’ 115 O/B Coastal Captain/Owner 115 HP

to date Key West, Fl.


06/96 Seadoo, Jet boat Coastal/inland Captain/Owner 220 HP to 07/02


08/96 Yamaha, Jet ski Coastal/Inland Captain/Owner 80 HP

To 05/06



Captains Marine – United States Coast Guard Certified 100 Ton Masters ,Towing ,Auxiliary Sail

• More than 25 maritime years of professional experience on the water.
• Experienced in mileage with over 25 years of diversified responsibilities on offshore, intercostal waters and inland waterways. Including covering the entire Eastern Coast of the United States, Mexico, Bahamas, and Caribbean.
• Excellent seamanship with Yacht handling experience.
• Excellent maintenance and engineering skills.
• Responsible for all operations and supervision of shipyard work including planning work, refitting, and overseeing subcontractors.
• Responsible for engineering aspects of small passenger vessels including, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, hydraulics, refrigeration, diesel mechanics and small engine repair.
• Hospitality Experience in for high-end guests.
• An experienced qualified Culinary/Executive/Private Chef able to work alone, purchase supplies, write menus, and entertain the guests
• Book travel/hotel/dinner arrangement for Owners and their guests.
• Diving / Water sports /Deep Sea Fishing/ Fly-fishing
• PADI Certified Diver
• CPR, First Aid certification or any emergency medical training


Central Ohio Sailing School – Certificate of Achievement Basic Sailing and Lake Erie Navigation