Professional Experience



  • 5+ years hardware operations responsible for monitoring the state-of-the-art physical infrastructure behind Ohio States research technology and instructional labs.
  •  Install, configure, test, troubleshoot and maintain server hardware and its components.   Maintain server and workstation  software for linux, Unix,  sunOS (Solaris) systems.
  •  Install, configure, test, troubleshoot and maintain workstation hardware and its components.   Solaris diskless workstations.  Mac diskless computers, cloud based computing.
  • Configuration and design complex components: routers, networks, hubs, bridges, switches and networking protocols.
  • Lead  project teams on larger installations.
  • Developed operation contingency plans.
  • Enjoy work with leading edge infrastructure that is at the cutting-edge of computer technology.


  • Oversee the day to day management of data center operations team.
  • Identify problems and create solutions for computing and network architecture.
  • Took responsibility for the management and implementation of multiple projects and multiple teams.
  • Hired, coached and develop a team of technical staff to meet objectives.
  • I have 5+ years experience managing technical teams as a team lead or manager.
  • 5+ years experience with Linux/UNIX system administration.
  • 5+ years experience working in data centers and building out infrastructure.
  • Strong understanding of networks and UNIX hardware architecture including maintenance and repair.
  • I am looking to building the next generation and platform of cloud hardware and software.


Sept 00 – To Date, – The Paradise Group. CEO and President, 910 Grinnell St. Key West, Florida 33040:  Charter Boats, Financial leanding, Retail Operations, Rental properties, Computer consulting, service,

Sept 99 – To Date, – Paradise Technologies, Inc. Owner, 910 Grinnell St. Key West, Florida 33040 Personal Computer consulting, service, support and solutions in the personal computer sector. Worked with Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Dell Computer, NCR systems, Dos, Win 98, NT and Unix systems.

Nov. 98 – Mar 99 – CR Software, Inc. 625 U.S. Highway one SW102, Key West, Florida. 33040. 800.221.1722 or 305.293.7296 Support of NCR Solaris SunOs/Berkeley UNIX), Personal Computers, terminals , NCR NT systems, Window machines.

Aug 96 – Sept 98 – Vice President and C.O.O. /C.I.O. , Ohio Plastic Products, Inc. Manufacture of blow molded products for the consumer marketplace. Manager of: Operations, Sales channels, pricing, and finances.

April 89 – June 96 – President and CEO, Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc., Columbus, Ohio. Computer service and Design Company with a proven growth record under my leadership. Took company public effective March 1996. Duties include: setting the vision, financial management, prepared and reviewed company budgets and financial plans, monitor profitability, manage senior staff including Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Vice President of Engineering, Comptroller, Material Managers and Operations Managers.

Oct 86 – Jan 92 –  Manager System Support Group/Hardware Manager, The Ohio State University, Computer and Information Science Department, Columbus, Ohio. 614.292.5973. Managed a team of people installing and maintaining a large heterogeneous distributed network of UNIX Workstations (250+), P.C.s and Macintosh computers.  One of the first Cloud computer operations in the USA.  Maintained physical layers of network and managed networking staff.  Set up service programs and budgets.  Installed self-maintenance program with savings of over two (2) million dollars each year to the University.

April 86 – Oct 86  – Student Programmer, The Ohio State University, Computer and Information Science Department, Columbus, Ohio. 614.292.5973. Installation and testing of communication systems and terminals, maintenance of communication systems, installation and maintenance of system software, hardware and data communication equipment.
Dec 84 – Jan 86 Co-op Position, Teledyne Precision – Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. Proficient on and wrote software for Computervision C.A.D. systems, worked as “engineer in training” on various projects.

Oct 83 – Sept 84 Tutor, Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati Technical College, Cincinnati, Ohio. Tutored in Computer science and Electrical engineering course work.

Nov 82 – Sept 84 Assistant Store Manager, Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack), Cincinnati, Ohio. Worked with the public selling electrical goods, computer hardware and software. Solved all store problems when store manager was unavailable. Managed inventory, cash draw, record keeping.

Dec 80 – Sept 82 Electrical Assembly, Mazak Machine Tool Company, Florence, Kentucky. Worked in repair department rewiring used and damaged numerically controlled machine tools. Electrical assembler in production department mating computer to machine tool.

 Oct 83 – Sept 84 Tutor, Electrical Engineering, Cincinnati Technical College, Cincinnati, Ohio.


Senior executive with extensive engineering and computer science management experience in recruiting and leading of a highly qualified technical team.  Extensive experience in management of technical staff, developing a senior management staff, customer relations, training, and vendor relations. Specifically skilled in setting a vision for the group requiring leadership qualities, setting priorities, establishing of policies for the long and short range.  Extensive knowledge of computer hardware, software, networking, network management and operating systems, Cloud Based and Distributed Computing.  Would enjoy run a large data center for the next 5 to 10 years.


Past Member of: ACM (The Association for Computing Machinery)