• Why should you work

    Posted on August 19, 2012 by in Uncategorized

    Why should you work when the rich can pay? Hey! Why go to work? I’ve got you covered. First, I’ll subsidize your rent and utilities so they will cost you little or nothing. Then I’ll see that your food is covered
    with food stamps. Then I’ll cover you with extra money for each of your kids. So, have lots of them. I’ll cover your children’s education. I’ll cover your children’s transportation to and from school. I’ll cover
    your family medical bills with Medicaid. I’ll cover your transportation to and from the doctor and grocery store. I’ll cover you to take schooling; in fact I’ll even pay you to take free schooling by giving you a
    welfare check. From time to time I’ll even throw in a few additional benefits and freebies like day care, glasses, dental care, legal counseling, etc. I almost have you covered, but now that you have nothing to do I’ll continue to pay your unemployment compensation so you will have some play-around money to enjoy cold beer while watching your widescreen TV and talking to your friends on your iPhone. You’ll be talking to
    your friends because they have nothing to do either. I have them covered, too. What more could you want? All I want you to do for me is take a few minutes of your valuable time, gather up your friends, use the free transportation to the polls and cover me by voting for me in November. I promise to keep you living in such style for another four years. If you are uncomfortable with something, I’ll just change the laws and make it good for you. Whenever I get squeezed for funds to cover you, I’ll just tap the well and tax the rich a little more. This way the rich will still be paying you, but you won’t have to work for it. Not bad, huh?